’Journey’ blends into people’s lives.

CHAMBERS is a consulting company for those who run hotels, guesthouses and start-up companies.
We believe that we can make down-to-earth proposals for you with our practical expenience.


Accommodation Management Consulting

We provide consulting service regrading the management of guesthouses, hostels, hotels, vacation rentals, etc. .
●Improvement of occupancy rate
●Support of Online Trade Agent sites
●Management of customer unit price and hotel charges

Management of accommodation facilities

We,CHAMBERS, aim to increase the profits of the lodging facilities such as hotels and guesthouses by operating them on the client’s behalf. We propose solutions that take the know-how, experience, and the vision related to facility operation into account, and develop the operations with the trust of our clients.

Market research, analysis of lodging facilities’ M & A and business succession.

We investigate and analyse the ever-changing market every day and provide useful information to those who are considering opening new stores. In addition, we will work closely with the transferring companies to solve problems, such as M & A (mergers and acquisitions) and business succession.

Our Vision

”The ’journey’ that we define is not about ’travelling’, but about ’expanding values and increasing creativity’.
Things vary from person to person, but what we have in common is that they seek excitement from new things.
The true ”travellers”, we think, are to gather together, meet new people, connect to one another, and set off on new journeys. It is our pleasure to create such a place. ”

Our Concept

Making ’Travelling’ into Culture as ’Music’ and ’Sports’ have taken parts in culture and life, Let ’Travelling’ be in a more closed position in people’s lives and pursue ’the excitement from new things’.

Live naturally, like a breath.

Do you know about the space of Guest House?
When I was university student, I went to Southeast Asia with carrying a backpack as a traveling.
In this time, there were many encounters that changed my sense of value by
staying at guesthouse like which is 600yen a night. I had never stayed such a place before going to abroad.
We will travel to the world for freedom.
All people who get together at the guesthouse are freedom, and it is different depending on the people such as itʼs of life, work, time and so on.
However, they are living their life while enjoying each life style.
We will propose a \'free way of life\' to society through \'Guest House\', which has not yet been recognized in Japan.

Fukuoka Guesthouse HIVE

A place you can take a rest
and then spread your wings to the next stage.

Fukuoka Guesthouse HIVE

Fukuoka Guesthouse SHIP

Getting through ups and downs in life with Friends like wind, journey.

Fukuoka Guesthouse SHIP

Our Special Partner

Room amenities such as pajamas and plain clothes are equipped in the hotels and hostels for you to take off on an easy and stress-free trip.


A very popular hostel in Fukuoka! It is a 3-minute walk from the nearest station, Nakasu-Kawabata Station, and it is the best location to take a walk in Tenjin and Nakasu! Recommended for your Fukuoka trip! !

Crta Hotel KyotoKawaramachi

A very popular hotel opened in Kyoto in April 2018! The nearest station is Kawaramachi, a town in Kyoto that is famous amongst different generations. It is only a 5-minute walk from Kawaramachi! !

​Tony House

”It is a hostel run by a Japanese owner which will soon open in Hanoi, Vietnam.
This resort hostel is located along the lake called Ho Tay Lake, that you can enjoy its view from your private room!”

Roots Hostel

This hostel is a 5-minute walk from the Horie area, a popular Osaka fashion street for young people. The entrance floor has a bar where you can enjoy authentic takoyaki.


Mellow trip travel comfortably

Our policy is to reduce your luggage for a stress-free journey.
Aiming to create a world that travels with only a passport and wallet in your pocket,
We propose original room wear for customers staying at accommodation facilities.



We, CHAMBERS, offer comprehensive support for property owners in need.

Store management

The staff of CHAMBERS, who has been operating various types of inns, provides on-site management, business improvement, and outsourcing support.

Revenue management

We provide targeting strategies based on the market and expected customers in the area, the management of each OTA, and promotion support that attracts customer.

Translation for inbound

With the aim of raising the number of inbound customers, we provide customer service and support for translation of various information that are pleasing to the guests in Europe, the United States, and Asia.


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May 30, 2019

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Planning and operation of hotels and hostels
Apparel planning and operation / SNS planning and operation

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